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Structures Lab

Founded by German structural engineer Karsten Weise in early 2019, Structures Lab promises to produce stunning designs. 


We engage in sustainable thinking to address the climate change challenge, and generate cutting-edge research to enrich people’s lives and the built environment that we all live in.

Our Design Process

At Structures Lab we adopt a design lead philosophy, working closely with Architects and Clients, following a collaborative approach to create sustainable, interesting and enjoyable structures.

Sustainable New Build Solutions

We strive to work with sustainable materials and modular construction to push the boundaries of the ‘standard design.’

Refurbishment & Heritage

We provide structural assessment and design services that respect and celebrate our rich and diverse heritage.

Special Structures

We support our clients on the journey from scheme to detailed design. We pride ourselves in the design of staircases and sculptures and we are accustomed to working with unusual and new materials.

Structural Research Projects

We support Universities and Clients on exciting projects that explore new materials and ways to evolve the building industry. We have close relationships with Material Testing Institutions and Universities.

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